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Kashmiri Walnuts are widely known for their superior taste and quality. The advantage of the nut of walnut is that it has a long shelf life. Being organic in nature as no fertilizers or sprays are used on walnut plants and its yield, are high in nutrients with immense health benefits. Kashmir enjoys its status as the major contributor of total walnut production in the country. The delicate taste, flavor and aroma are indeed unique and delicious. This is why this fruit fetches high demand within the country as well as from rest of the world.

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Eating nuts regularly could improve sperm health, a study suggests. Men who ate about two handfuls of mixed almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts daily for 14 weeks improved their sperm count and had more viable swimmers.


BrandBadam King
Item Weight1000 Grams
Item FormWhole
SpecialityOrganic, Natural
Weight1 kg


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